muir woods + yoda [san francisco]


On our last full day in San Francisco, we headed out of town to go to the Muir Woods + Muir Beach.  On the way, we stopped at one end of the Golden Gate Bridge for some pictures and then for breakfast in Sausalito. muir-2 muir-3 muir-4 muir-5 muir-6 muir-7 muir-8 muir-9 muir-11


muir-14 Untitled-1 muir-15 muir-16 muir-17 Untitled-2 muir-18 muir-19 muir-20 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 muir-21 muir-22 muir-24 Untitled-5 muir-25 Untitled-6 muir-26 muir-27 muir-28 muir-29 muir-30 Untitled-7 muir-31 muir-32 muir-33 muir-34 muir-35 muir-36

Before returning the rental car that evening, we made a quick stop to find Yoda.  It was...underwhelming.  Or maybe just to me.  I thought he'd be bigger and maybe since he's in the center of a fountain, there'd be water shooting out of his ears or something.

Anyway, luckily our parking spot was only for 15 minutes, otherwise who knows how long Eric would have wanted to stay there.  We didn't even stay the full 15 minutes though, since after a couple minutes an alarm went off.  We are pretty sure it was the nerd alert.  The nerds started filing out of the LucasFilm headquarters and we went on our way.

muir-37 muir-38