more randomness


Yes, I know I've already had a random post in the past, but I think it may become a reoccurring thing - because let's face it, I can be random. All these pictures are from a while ago, but I still wanted to share them.

A few weeks ago at work, I borrowed a co-worker's fisheye lens.  I took it home and took some pictures of the cats terrorizing my craft room.  I had just opened up a package so they were having a good time with the empty box.

The next day on my lunch break I went down to the local park and snapped a few more with the lens before I gave it back.

If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably sick of all my cat pictures.  I would like to apologize, but I can't.  They are hilarious and it's fun to capture them in all their craziness.

Finally, some random craftiness for you.  I recently picked up these Kid Made Modern colored pencils from Target.  I'll admit I don't exactly have a use for them, but it can never hurt to have colored pencils handy, right?  Maybe I'll start color-coding my grocery list?  Or leaving random notes of things that need to be done around the house for Eric to do.  The notes will be written in such lovely colors like ficus or iceburg, that he won't even care what the task it.  Ok, probably not.  Anyway, point is I enjoy the packaging of this product and the names of the colors.

The craft room is slowly becoming disorganized.  Although, every now and then I get good ideas to help make it more tidy.  I own a lot of baker's twine (and yes, I use it constantly - unlike the aforementioned colored pencils which have no specific use yet...) and lately the colors I have that are not already wrapped up on a spool or cardboard have becoming a huge tangled mess.  My solution was to pick up a few wooden spools from Ben Franklin Crafts and wrap the twine around it.  I would like to say it was a simple task, but two of the colors became more tangled as I tried to untangle them.  And having two cats that see string and think "play time!" doesn't make the task any easier.