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While on Orcas Island, we spent an afternoon on a whale watching tour with Deer Harbor Charters.  Actually, I wouldn't call it so much a whale watching tour the day we went, but instead a sea lion + bird watching tour. It was a nice, sunny day to be out on the water.  Orcas hadn't been seen for the last couple days so we knew the chances of seeing them would be slim.  We did however see a minke whale.  It was a bit underwhelming especially since all you see is their dorsal fin and it's hard to grasp how big they are.  [I was unfamiliar with minkes, so later on I did a search and they are actually quite impressive!  And this is just fantastic.]

Anyway, we still saw plenty of other creatures.

boat-1 boat-2 boat-3 boat-4

Here's Trey.  He was very knowledgeable about all the marine animals in the area.  Also, he was crazy wearing a t-shirt since the wind was brutal out there!

boat-5 boat-6 boat-7 boat-8 boat-10

These binders of whales are so impressive.  A list of all the orcas in the area, separated into their specific pods [telling each apart by their dorsal fin and saddle patch].  You can get a glimpse of said orcas here.

boat-11 boat-12 boat-13 boat-14

Oh you steller sea lions...yelling at one another.


Did you know that these guys aren't really causing the stench?  What stinks is all the bird poop on the rocks.

boat-17 boat-16

Overall, we had a fun day out on the water.  This guy agrees:


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