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I'm editing many different pictures right now.  Unfortunately it can be hard for me to stick with one project when I have so many fun events to get through.  Here's a glimpse. [EASTER]

At Easter, mom brought out some old material that belonged to my great-grandma.  Most of it was gingham.  Some pieces were untouched (hopefully to be used in upcoming sewing projects I want to work on), some had marks on them to indicate where to embroider, while the rest had embroidery patterns started.  With those that great-grandma started, mom took them to use in aprons for the women of the family.

Below you will see some of my great-grandma's amazing work along with the apron I choose to keep.



More DC pictures!  Can't believe this sweet girl is 6!



Took some pictures at a birthday party.  Friends and family came to celebrate with John on this sunny, but windy Sunday.



50 years!  Slideshow, food, dancing, and of course a mock wedding.  Of all the reasons to stay married 50 years - having a mock wedding done by your friends should be at the top of the list.