last fall

I'm warning you, this is just the start of photos from fall last year. Fall is always super busy for me, but I'm OK with that because I love the weather! 

Retzer Nature Center is one of my favorite spots for pictures and that's where I met up with Scott, Erin and their two boys. By the end of our session the youngest was pointing out spots he thought would be great for pictures, while the oldest was dabbing. Doing the dab? Guys...I even had him explain it to me and I still don't know... 

Our session ended with the boys pretending they were at the tribal council on Survivor and were deciding who to vote off. Needless to say these guys kept me laughing which makes for a fun day.

My session with Brandon and Jessica was very special, since a few days after we met up, the adoption of their little girl became final! I'm glad I got to meet these three and capture some memories for them...and that the rain held off. 

Their girl, who loves purple, was so sweet and fun to photograph. She has a lot of energy and probably could have spent a couple more hours at the park running around, investigating everything. 

Well, well, well, this guy is 2! I met up with my cousin Katie at Harnischfeger Park to take pictures of her almost 2 year old. Minus all the mosquitos, we had a perfect evening for photos. Just like last year, Lucas was excited to see and pose on his tractor. He wasn't quite tall enough to pedal it yet, but next year he will be which means next year will be tad more challenging to keep up with him.

Uh oh, it's another two year old! Jeff + Sandie's little guy just absolutely nailed his photos. Between the bluest eyes you've ever seen and his thumbs-in-pocket stance, this kid couldn't get any cuter. 

We had a fun time filled with silly faces and cooler weather. What? Yes, I said cooler weather. This is only a big deal because we have a record of taking photos in the fall on the hottest day. Let's plan for this kind of weather again this year!