Kenley [part 1]


Earlier this year I got to photograph my friend Rachel while she was pregnant.  I know in January cold temperatures are expected, but still pretty sure we picked the coldest day EVER to take pictures outside. Both Rachel and her husband Dave were troopers and we braved that cold!  [Well, them more than me - I had a coat on.] A couple months later, baby Kenley arrived.  When she was 4 days old, I was able to meet her, fawn over how adorable she was, and take some more pictures.

Here are the pictures from both those sessions:

kenley-1 kenley-2 kenley-3 kenley-6 kenley-4 kenley-7 kenley-8 kenley-9 kenley-10 kenley-11 kenley-12 kenley-14 kenley-15 kenley-25 kenley-26 kenley-27 kenley-28 kenley-29 kenley-13

[Thank you Dave, Rachel, + Kenley for allowing me to take many, many pictures.  You guys are the best.]