kellen web

I'm really happy I was able to meet up with Andy, Anna, and their cute little boy Kellen back during the summer. I believe Kellen was a day away from turning 8 months old.  He had recently started to crawl so I got to see him in action!  He's one of the happiest babies I've ever been around.  Nothing seems to bother this boy, which of course makes for a fun photo shoot.

We had fun hanging out in their backyard with Callie their dog.  Callie was a bit timid at first, but soon warmed up and didn't want to sit still!  After that, we went to a park / flower garden in town.  After taking a few pictures in the flower garden we were stopped by a girl that said we would need to pay in order to take pictures in that area.  Confused at this (where are the signs?), we left and went back to their house for a few more photos.

Here are some of my favorites of the day: