historic pabst brewery


I went on another photo walk with Ester a couple weekends ago before we met up with her husband and my boyfriend for supper. We chose to go to the old Pabst Brewery area in Milwaukee.  I was here almost two years ago with my cousins, walking around and taking pictures.  So much has changed since then!  Buildings are going up left and right and it doesn't feel so abandoned anymore.

I admit though - I kind of miss the abandoned feel of this area.  Although the area is starting to look new and fresh, it almost seems to be taking away from dust, dirt, and isolation of what was just there two years ago.

At least we got to capture what is still there.  Not sure what another two years will bring to this area…

PS – Once again it’s fun to see how Ester and I have pictures of the same thing but different takes on it!