I admit I'm a bit behind on posting sessions. Heck, I still have some of my own wedding details to post yet! In the next couple weeks I'll be trying to catch up to show you what kept me busy this past spring / summer. 

This is a pretty current session, done just a few weeks ago. The week before the shoot it was a bit rainy / windy which left lots of leaves on the ground, however, we were still able to find some great, super bright trees to add a pop of color to the background. 

I feel like I've spent a lot of time with this family in the past year. Between a baptism, birthday, and wedding I might start to take it personally that they are getting together for other occasions without me. Just kidding, but it is always fun and entertaining being around this group. 

Anyway, here are some family pictures we took at Indian Lake Country Park in Cross Plains. 

Go Badgers!