Friends & their kids


Two weekends ago we were able to spend time with Eric's friend from college and his family.  Eric and his friend see each other every now and then, however, the last time I saw the whole family, his now oldest daughter was the age of his current youngest daughter.  Did you get that?  If not - don't worry, continue on. Here are Neva and Hazel.

Neva had been helping her dad plant a tree in the backyard.  She's a good helper and has such a fun personality.  [Oh, and her haircut is fantastic!]

Hazel was showing off her crawling skills and how she can pull herself up to stand.  What an adorable little girl!  Hopefully it won't be another 3 years before we see these kids [and their parents!] again.

- - - -

Although I keep talking about how I want to start a garden - it's not happening.  Apparently I like spending my time taking pictures more than figuring out how to garden.  Luckily we have neighbors with a wonderful garden and they recently shared some fresh strawberries with us.

With neighbors like this, why would I need to have my own garden?

- - - -

This past weekend some high school friends came over because in the two years we've been in the house, they had yet to see it.  We only all get together about once or twice a year, but it's always good to catch up.

Little Bryn accompanied her mom and it was a joy to see her.  I last saw her when she was 12 days old and all she wanted to do was sleep.  Now she's over three months old and likes to stay awake as to not miss a thing!

I still can't get over how perfectly shaped and cute her little lips are.  Hopefully I'll be seeing her again in a month.  Can't wait.