food [san francisco]


If you thought I was done talking about San Francisco, you were wrong.  We found a couple great places to eat, so I thought I'd share our favorites.

18 Swedish pancakes at Sears Fine Foodsfood-1 food-3 Untitled-1
Pizza + wine at Bambino's Ristorante - when asking for olives on your pizza, they do not skimp Untitled-2
Brownie sundae at The Ice Cream Bar - if only we had room to try something from the soda fountainfood-7 food-8 food-9 food-10 food-11 food-12
La Boulange - I miss the chai I had thereUntitled-3 food-13
Tacolicious - silly name, but it's for real - these tacos are deliciousfood-16 food-17 food-19 Untitled-4 food-20
Jasper's Corner Tap - the fries we created were great + you can't beat fresh donuts to end the nightfood-22 food-23 food-25 food-26 food-27 food-28