felt garland [diy]


I currently have a million [probably not too much of a stretch] projects going.  Here's one I started last night and finished up this morning.  I got the inspiration from the felted bows garland at Anthropologie.  I loved the look of it, but knew I could make it for a lot cheaper. The project only required scissors, felt, twine, and a bit of scolding [towards the cats who tried to eat the felt and play with the twine].

It ended up being 12 feet long.  In comparison, the Anthropologie garland is only 7.75 feet.

Also, I only spent $6 compared to $38 and I feel I could have spent way less if my local craft store wasn't so expensive.  But anyway, point is...this is a really cheap and easy DIY!

garland-1 garland-2 garland-3 garland-4 garland-5 garland-7 garland-8 garland-9 garland-10