engagement stories


After becoming engaged in September, I realized I didn't know the engagement stories of my parents or my grandparents.  To remedy this, I invited some of the women from my family over last Sunday to share their stories.  What started out as just getting together for engagement stories, actually turned into "how we met" stories and "wedding" stories. I took way more pictures than what I'm sharing here, but this is just a little insight to our afternoon.  I'm also not sharing any of the stories here at this time [and not sure if I will in the future].  My cousin recorded the stories, and eventually I hope to put together a little book to preserve these memories for our family.

- - - -

We started out with lunch.  Here I'm preparing the tomatoes for Texas Tortilla Soup.

stories-1 stories-2 stories-3 stories-4

I found use for the garland I made!

stories-6 stories-7

We ended the meal with some Pumpkin Pie Spice Popcorn.  [I'd probably have more lunch pictures, but I guess I forgot how hard it is to document making lunch while feeling pressured to get things ready on time.]


Some wedding photos from my grandparent's wedding.


Grandma's ring.

stories-10 stories-11

Parent's wedding invitation.

stories-12 stories-13

Even Herbie + Maude were interested in the stories.

stories-16 stories-17

My cousin's grandparents.


Rings of everyone who attended.


I'm glad we had this day to get together and to hear everyone's stories.  It was fun and now I'm already thinking of what other stories I may want to hear about next.