donut day

Happy National Donut Day!

To be perfectly honest, it's been donut day around here a LOT lately. We had donuts as our dessert at the wedding and the next week our trip to New York was filled with trying different donut places.

Although I am not sick of donuts at this point, it's time to go back to limiting the amount of donut intake. But before that happens, I had to celebrate National Donut Day. 

I used the generic recipe found on the Wilton donut pan packaging. [Whale measuring cups help make extra yummy donuts.]

After the donuts cooled, I mixed the frosting  - 1 cup of powdered sugar / 1 TBSP of milk / green food coloring. I did both a light green and dark green [made dark by just using a LOT of food coloring]. 

Hope everyone had a great donut day.