december [part 1]


December 2013 - brought to you in two parts.   Part 1 - early December

- - - -

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train came to a town nearby early in December.  It was actually not too cold of a night but since it wasn't scheduled to come until 9:00, we didn't think that many people would be there.  Surprisingly, many came to see the train, the lights, the band, and of course Santa.

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Every  year when the Christmas decorations and tree are put up, the cats seem to become more active.  I swear they sleep less because there's a tree to chase each other around, there are ornaments to knock off the tree, and there are other random decorations to play with.


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The deer have been present in our backyard lately.  When we do see them, it's usually in the morning [except last night when they made a surprise appearance!].  I do wish they'd stick around longer, but they are usually scared off or we have nothing to offer them, so they continue on their way.

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