dave + rachel maternity

The last time I had taken maternity photos for my friends Dave + Rachel it was freezing out. Like, negative degrees. Last summer, however, the grass was green and the air was warm. The only thing we had to worry about were mosquitos. [Still trying to decide what's worse though - freezing temps or mosquitos.]

The library near Dave + Rachel's house had some beautiful wildflowers / tall grass, so it was the perfect spot to go for pictures. Plus, it was early evening and the sun was in the ideal spot. 

Kenley had fun too, but maybe it's partially because she got to ride in her wagon to the library. Lucky girl. 

I feel like I want to end this post by saying I can't wait to meet baby, but spoiler alert - I'm so far behind in my posts, I already have. And he's adorable and perfect. Not that there was ever any doubt.