dairy farm tour

I am fortunate to have a good friend back in the area for a year while her husband is deployed. Since she has been out of state for so long, it is nice to be able to see her and her kids more than just once, maybe twice a year. 

Last week I went with them to visit my cousin's dairy farm. Before they got there, I went out to the barn with Katie [my cousin] to see the kittens. They are not so little anymore, but they are crazy hyper and fun to play with [even if they sneak up on you, crawl up your back and chew on your hair]. 

Upon arrival, the kids seemed a little shy. The cows were not that interesting and they wanted to see the cats. The farm was stinky. But given a little time, they warmed up - especially when Katie got the Ranger out for us to drive around in. 

Towards the end of the Ranger ride around the farm, the kids helped deliver lunch to Katie's father-in-law. Afterwards, we went back to the house for our own lunch. 

As soon as the two older kids were done eating, they went straight to the cornfields to look for cats. Surprisingly they found Lily Bean and followed her around for a bit.

It seemed as though everyone had a fun day. So watch out Katie, we may be back!