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When a package arrives at our house, I'm usually pretty excited for what's in the box, while the cats can't wait until it's empty.  The last thing I ordered came in a pretty big box and within minutes of it being empty, Maude was the first to check it out. easter-2 easter-3 easter-4 easter-5

Saturday afternoon was spent making cookies with a friend.  She was excited for the Easter cookie cutters she had recently bought - while I was excited about a truck cookie cutter that was given to the logistics team at work by UPS.  I saw it one day and knew I had to make UPS cookies.

Although you will not see this in the pictures, take my word for it that if my friend and I had a baking show, it would be called "We Should Have Used a Bigger Bowl".  Also, once we have a show, there will be others there to clean up after all our messes from using too small of a bowl.  That will be nice.

What you WILL see in the pictures though, is the yummy looking brown frosting.  Delicious.

[Oh, special shout out to Purolator.]

easter-6 easter-7 easter-8 easter-9 easter-10 easter-11 easter-12 easter-13 easter-14 easter-15 easter-16


Finally, I spent some time taking some pictures of said cookies and other Easter goodies.  Maude was my helper.

easter-19 easter-20

easter-21 easter-23 easter-25 easter-22 easter-26 easter-27 easter-28 easter-30