cookies, cookies, cookies

Last December I stopped by St. Peter's Church in Lebanon to take pictures of their their 18th annual Christmas cookie sale.

When I arrived the Friday before the sale, volunteers were finishing up the last few batches of cookies and candy while also making sure everything was organized for the following morning. 

Knowing that they had been baking the past week and even some weekends prior, I knew there would be a lot of cookies. However, it wasn't until I saw all the boxes in the back that I realized how many cookies there really were.

Although it was tempting to sneak a cookie on my way out the door that night, I refrained. 

The next morning I returned and even though the sale didn't start until 8:00 am, many people were already there to secure a good spot in line. Once the sale started people made their way around the tables filled with cookies and added a variety of treats to their containers. 

Many people stayed afterwards to check out the craft fair and to have something to eat [besides all the cookies they just bought!]. As not to be outdone by all the varieties of cookies, there were about 20 soups to choose from. 

If you haven't stopped by this cookie sale in the past, keep it in mind for this coming year!