cookie baking day


Yesterday was our annual cookie baking day at Grandma's.  Every December my mom, aunts, and cousins get together to bake Christmas cookies.  Like in years past, we started baking around 8 am.  Most of us left around 4:30, however my mom and one aunt were at my Grandma's until 6:30. Although I'm not sure how many cookies we made total, I know there were 11 different varieties.  There are quite a few cookie favorites we make every year, however we tried out two new recipes yesterday - cashew cookies and white chocolate cherry shortbread.

Highlights of the day include:

- Only one burnt pan that happened since we were trying to get a group picture and forgot about the cookies in the oven.

- The discussion of when cookies should be taken out of oven to ensure they are chewy [the only way cookies should be made, in my opinion].

- Handing out freshly baked cookies to the mailman and paperboy.


cookies-2 cookies-3 cookies-4 cookies-6 cookies-7 cookies-8 cookies-9 cookies-11 cookies-12 cookies-14 cookies-15 cookies-13 cookies-25 cookies-26 cookies-23 cookies-24 cookies-30



[peanut butter blossoms]cookies-16

[chocolate cherry nuggets]cookies-17

[mint petites]cookies-18

[cashew cookies]cookies-19

[dried turkish apricots dipped in chocolate]cookies-20

[molasses cookies]cookies-22

[great-grandma's m+m cookies]cookies-27

[chocolate chow mein]cookies-28

[white chocolate cherry shortbread]cookies-21


Sorry I only have one recipe link.  If anyone is curious about any of the other recipes we use, let me know and I will be able to get it to pass along.

Also, please share your favorite Christmas cookie recipes below!