sugar cookie day

It's sugar cookie day! Did you celebrate? I made a small batch of my grandma's sugar cookies in honor of the day. If I could share them with all of you I would, but until I can transfer cookies through the internet, you will need to bake your own. 

Grandma Fiess' Sugar Cookies


1 lb. butter

2 c. sugar

2 tsp. vanilla

2 eggs


1 tsp. baking soda

1 pinch of salt

5 c. flour

Once you have the dough mixed together, refrigerate for a couple hours [or overnight] before rolling it out. The recipe says to bake for 8 minutes at 350 degrees F. [I usually only bake for around 6 minutes even though others think that's not long enough but I am telling you - THIS IS THE SECRET TO SOFT COOKIES.]

I possibly have way too many cookie cutters, but here are a couple of my favorites.


These Star Wars cookie cutters I got for my bridal shower, so I figured I should give them a try.

As for the frosting, I use my mom's recipe which is basically:

melt a bit of butter in the microwave

add some milk

add powered sugar - enough until you get the consistency you want

I realize none of that makes sense. Maybe one day I will try and figure out approximate measurements if anyone is curious. 

Sometimes I will add food coloring, but for the cookies I made today I just kept the frosting white and added some sprinkles. 

If you weren't able to celebrate sugar cookie day today - I am sure you can still celebrate tomorrow and no one will judge you.

donut day

Happy National Donut Day!

To be perfectly honest, it's been donut day around here a LOT lately. We had donuts as our dessert at the wedding and the next week our trip to New York was filled with trying different donut places.

Although I am not sick of donuts at this point, it's time to go back to limiting the amount of donut intake. But before that happens, I had to celebrate National Donut Day. 

I used the generic recipe found on the Wilton donut pan packaging. [Whale measuring cups help make extra yummy donuts.]

After the donuts cooled, I mixed the frosting  - 1 cup of powdered sugar / 1 TBSP of milk / green food coloring. I did both a light green and dark green [made dark by just using a LOT of food coloring]. 

Hope everyone had a great donut day.

kissing for the cats + dogs

I know the blog has been silent for a while, but I have a good reason. I was busy getting married! 

Now that I'm done with the crafting projects and everything else wedding related, I'm back. I'll have a bunch of posts on the different things I made for the wedding at a later time, but today I want to start out with a small project that was made specifically for collecting money. 

A while before the wedding Eric suggested that instead of people clinking their glasses to make us kiss, we should ask that they donate money to the Watertown Humane Society instead. A few years ago we adopted our cats Herbie and Maude from that particular shelter, so it only seemed fitting.  

The funny part is - no one ever started clinking their glasses during dinner. I guess no one wanted to see us kiss [fine by me]. But, at the end of dinner, my matron of honor stood up and announced the idea of collecting money for the Humane Society. Then the money started pouring in left and right. Our grand total collected was $90.05 which we dropped off at the Humane Society last Friday.

I don't have any before shots for this project - but it was quite simple. I bought a cat figurine from Amazon. I bought a jar of raspberry jam. We ate it. I cleaned the jar. I superglued the cat figurine on the top of the lid and spray painted it gold. Done! 

While we were at the shelter, we obviously said hi to the cats and I may have taken a few pictures. 

I think we woke up the cats that were hanging out in the largest room. They seemed a bit annoyed at first that we interrupted their naps. But slowly, one by one, they came over to us and wanted attention. 

And, I'm not sure how I made it this far in the post without mentioning it, but -


Look at these cats! They want a home! We are at our limit of two. Shortly after we adopted ours, my parents adopted their cat, and then my aunt and uncle adopted their two. You guys, my relatives may love cats, but I don't have enough relatives to adopt ALL THE CATS at the Humane Society. So, please help out! 

This little girl was in love with Eric. He knelt down to pet a bunch of cats and she climbed on him. He then went to sit on the bench and she immediately curled up on his lap and fell asleep. This is how we picked out our Maude. When we'd visit the shelter, she'd always come and sit on Eric's lap. So, if you are looking for a super sweet lap kitty, go adopt Sybil! [I take no responsibility if she turns out nothing like Maude, but I'm guessing she is quite similar.] And if you adopt her, let me know and I'll do a free pet photo session for you and your new family member! 

Sorry - got a little carried away with that 'lil kitty. Here are some more guys and gals looking for a home!

This cat made me laugh. 

And finally, the kittens. I wish I could take all these kittens home with me and it wouldn't make me a crazy cat lady or make Eric rethink marrying me. 

Once again - it's National Adopt a Cat Month, so don't forget to celebrate the easiest way, by going to adopt a cat.