last fall

I'm warning you, this is just the start of photos from fall last year. Fall is always super busy for me, but I'm OK with that because I love the weather! 

Retzer Nature Center is one of my favorite spots for pictures and that's where I met up with Scott, Erin and their two boys. By the end of our session the youngest was pointing out spots he thought would be great for pictures, while the oldest was dabbing. Doing the dab? Guys...I even had him explain it to me and I still don't know... 

Our session ended with the boys pretending they were at the tribal council on Survivor and were deciding who to vote off. Needless to say these guys kept me laughing which makes for a fun day.

My session with Brandon and Jessica was very special, since a few days after we met up, the adoption of their little girl became final! I'm glad I got to meet these three and capture some memories for them...and that the rain held off. 

Their girl, who loves purple, was so sweet and fun to photograph. She has a lot of energy and probably could have spent a couple more hours at the park running around, investigating everything. 

Well, well, well, this guy is 2! I met up with my cousin Katie at Harnischfeger Park to take pictures of her almost 2 year old. Minus all the mosquitos, we had a perfect evening for photos. Just like last year, Lucas was excited to see and pose on his tractor. He wasn't quite tall enough to pedal it yet, but next year he will be which means next year will be tad more challenging to keep up with him.

Uh oh, it's another two year old! Jeff + Sandie's little guy just absolutely nailed his photos. Between the bluest eyes you've ever seen and his thumbs-in-pocket stance, this kid couldn't get any cuter. 

We had a fun time filled with silly faces and cooler weather. What? Yes, I said cooler weather. This is only a big deal because we have a record of taking photos in the fall on the hottest day. Let's plan for this kind of weather again this year!

catching up x2

I met up with my friends at the Pope Farm Conservatory last summer during their annual Sunflower Days. Neither of us had ever been, so we thought it would be a great place to visit and take a few pictures.

The fields upon fields of sunflowers WERE amazing, however the crowds and heat were not.

We ended up walking away from the sunflower fields and found gorgeous other locations I hope to visit again soon. 

I ended up meeting this next family thanks to another family of twins you'll see later on in this post. 

We met up on a warm and sunny morning at Riverside Park in Watertown. The twins, who I will admit I could not tell apart, had a fun time following the ducks around [and maybe picking up a feather to two]. The older two had fun chasing each other around. 

Our session was a lot of fun and even grandma and grandpa came for some pictures. They were also lifesavers since the twins weren't too into group photos, but being able to hold onto their grandparent's cell phones made them both happy campers. 

At the end of the session all the kids ran around the playground and I think it's safe to say everyone had had a fun time. 

I was excited to meet up with Jeff, Kersten and their soon-to-be one year old for pictures in Cottage Grove. This handsome little guy did so great and had a smile on his face almost the whole time. We could have done without the thousands of mosquitos, but we braved them and still had a great time. 

More Twins! These two were very adventurous and had a great time walking around Riverside Park. After all, there's so much to do, like rocks to climb and ducks to chase. After the park we headed to the family's new home which is conveniently next to a golf course. Since their dad loves to golf, he's already started to teach the boys. I was impressed with how well both these guys could already hit the ball! 

grads + dads

Technically this post is catching up on two senior and two newborn sessions from last year but grads and newborns didn't rhyme, so just go with me on this one since grads and dads sounds better. 

Jared is my cousin [aka, first cousin once removed] and I was honored to be asked to take his senior pictures! It's been about three years since we have seen each other and either he grew a bunch in that time or I did not remember how tall this kid was! 

His height comes in handy since he plays basketball...and will continue to do so next year at St. Norbert! It was a fun evening hanging out with Jared and his mom at Cushing Park in Delafield. 

In July I also got to meet up with Jim and Akiko who had recently welcomed their second child. It's always a joy to hang out with this family, especially their oldest who teaches me a lot about trains.

Their newest addition barely made a peep and made this session so easy. Also, I'm not over how adorable their cactus shirt and onesie where. 

The second senior in this post is another first cousin once removed! Just like Jared, it had been about three years since I had seen Jenna. 

Before we met up I was unaware Jenna is a huge fan of cats [especially her guy Louie]. However, this actually shouldn't have surprised me since I think as a Fiess, you are obligated to own at least one. [I've done the math and it checks out for almost all our relatives.]

We first took some photos at her house, but later drove downtown Pewaukee with her mom. We had a gorgeous night to catch up between taking photos. 

Look! It's another new family of four AND trains. I loved being able to hang out with Marc, Rachel and their two boys. The newest addition to this family was so content and made the session a breeze. His older brother, one of the sweetest kids around, was super active the whole time playing trains or riding his bike, yet never to busy to take a few photos.

catching up

Well, I guess it’s been a while since I last shared some photo sessions. It’s been so long babies have been born and celebrated first birthdays and here I am sitting on maternity shots. 

Since I have a bunch of sessions to share, I’m just going to post a bunch together at a time. 

Last June my cousin Katie and her husband were awaiting their second child. Katie and I took her first, Lucas, out with us for some maternity pictures one night. Less than a week later, baby Lynley arrived. 

I met Lynley the day she was born. Look at that tiny little girl! Crazy to think she just celebrated her first birthday and is running around with her big brother now. 

In July I met up with Mitchell, Jena and their two adorable boys. Jena’s parents also tagged along to get a few with pictures their grandsons. I loved meeting this wonderful family. We had such a nice day for a great session! 

Last July I also got to meet up with Nate, Lauren and their two baby on the way! We had a great session, while the oldest showed off her swinging skills, the youngest, who had just turned one, showed off her walking ability. Not only are these two sweet girls a joy to photograph, their two pups are always camera ready which make them a favorite of mine! 

one year old cooper

Just look at this ONE year old! Isn’t he adorable?!

I met up with Cooper and his mom last fall for his one year photos at Harnischfeger Park. I went to high school with his mom and probably haven’t seen her since then. So, you know, a FEW years ago… Anyway, I was super excited to hear from her and to hear she wanted photos! 

It was a cool and windy fall morning when we met. I had a few props along, like a chair. For some reason Cooper loved it and walked circles around it. 

He did so well during his session. His only displeasure was wearing the firetruck hat which his mom really wanted pictures of since Cooper's dad is a firefighter. Somehow I snuck a couple pictures before he ripped it off [this may have taken a few tries though] and I'm glad too because I love that hat!  

I'm glad I got to meet this smiley one year old and catch up with his mom between snapping pictures. 

at the library

Yay! It's one of my favorite families again. 

Last November we met at the library in Madison and took some pictures. I feel like our past winter started out very mild, but yet I remember this day was quite cold and windy. Luckily we were indoors. 

Kenley had a smile the whole time and Schuyler didn't want to be left out and gave us a smile every now and then as well. 

I'm glad I got to photograph these guys again, they are just too adorable. 

the h family

It was a super sunny day when I met with the H family last fall. Luckily we were able to find some shade while we walked the trails at Retzer Nature Center. 

Gavin was a sweetheart - just look at his adorable smile in these photos! I think he got bored of me taking pictures after a little while [no hard feelings - I'd probably feel the same way if I wasn't behind the camera!] but that changed when he got to hold his dog Max. I loved to see the interaction between Gavin and Max. 

The session ended with Gavin getting a ride on his dad's shoulders as we walked to our cars. What a lucky kid and what a wonderful family.

lucas turns one

Can you believe it? This little guy turned ONE last year. 

A few weeks before his birthday, I met up with his parents at Lapham Peak for some pictures. Lucas had been walking around 10 months old, so he was on the move this whole session. 

He was quite excited at first but then the excitement died down a bit after a half hour. However, then his dad brought out his old tractor and Lucas' eyes lit up. Maybe I should also mention one of his first words [if not first] was tractor. He was so excited there was a tractor his size to sit on. 

A couple weeks later, close friends and family got together to celebrate this wonderful one year old. He was a little unsure about his smash cake at first, but soon dug in and proceeded to get frosting just about everywhere. 

After he was cleaned up, Lucas had help opening his gifts before joining his cousins running around and playing outdoors. It's safe to say this guy had a pretty good birthday! 

newborn william

Towards the end of summer last year, I went to the baby shower for my friends Amanda and JR. Amanda's sister did an amazing job planning the party which was held at the Paper Discovery Center.  There were so many desserts, we probably didn't even need real food [what am I saying, desserts ARE real food!]. But at the same time, the desserts were almost too pretty to eat! 

After the presents were opened and the desserts were mostly gone, I took a picture of Amanda and our friend Rachel who was due very soon. 

I also made Amanda stand in front of the huge world map because I thought it was awesome. She found the South Korea flag and prominently displayed it [her mom is from South Korea]. This is maybe a good time to remind Amanda's parents [if they are reading this] that they promised to buy us all tickets to go to the Olympics in South Korea. Don't forget your promise to us! Thanks! :)

Fast forward to September and little Willliam arrived! He came a little bit early but grew strong and a few weeks later he was home.

We first went to meet him after he had come home. We were greeted by William's dog cousins Macy + Mister [or is it Uncle? or Bronx? this dog has too many names...] who wanted nothing to do with me. 

William's dog sister Jam didn't really care for me either, but at least she posed nicely on the couch. And gave me the stink eye.

ANYWAY, let's talk about that baby!

William slept most of the time we were there, but woke up a few times to say hi. He was so sweet, snuggly and adorable. I can't wait to see him again, especially now that he's bigger than the dogs. [Watch out pups!]