grads + dads

Technically this post is catching up on two senior and two newborn sessions from last year but grads and newborns didn't rhyme, so just go with me on this one since grads and dads sounds better. 

Jared is my cousin [aka, first cousin once removed] and I was honored to be asked to take his senior pictures! It's been about three years since we have seen each other and either he grew a bunch in that time or I did not remember how tall this kid was! 

His height comes in handy since he plays basketball...and will continue to do so next year at St. Norbert! It was a fun evening hanging out with Jared and his mom at Cushing Park in Delafield. 

In July I also got to meet up with Jim and Akiko who had recently welcomed their second child. It's always a joy to hang out with this family, especially their oldest who teaches me a lot about trains.

Their newest addition barely made a peep and made this session so easy. Also, I'm not over how adorable their cactus shirt and onesie where. 

The second senior in this post is another first cousin once removed! Just like Jared, it had been about three years since I had seen Jenna. 

Before we met up I was unaware Jenna is a huge fan of cats [especially her guy Louie]. However, this actually shouldn't have surprised me since I think as a Fiess, you are obligated to own at least one. [I've done the math and it checks out for almost all our relatives.]

We first took some photos at her house, but later drove downtown Pewaukee with her mom. We had a gorgeous night to catch up between taking photos. 

Look! It's another new family of four AND trains. I loved being able to hang out with Marc, Rachel and their two boys. The newest addition to this family was so content and made the session a breeze. His older brother, one of the sweetest kids around, was super active the whole time playing trains or riding his bike, yet never to busy to take a few photos.

catching up

Well, I guess it’s been a while since I last shared some photo sessions. It’s been so long babies have been born and celebrated first birthdays and here I am sitting on maternity shots. 

Since I have a bunch of sessions to share, I’m just going to post a bunch together at a time. 

Last June my cousin Katie and her husband were awaiting their second child. Katie and I took her first, Lucas, out with us for some maternity pictures one night. Less than a week later, baby Lynley arrived. 

I met Lynley the day she was born. Look at that tiny little girl! Crazy to think she just celebrated her first birthday and is running around with her big brother now. 

In July I met up with Mitchell, Jena and their two adorable boys. Jena’s parents also tagged along to get a few with pictures their grandsons. I loved meeting this wonderful family. We had such a nice day for a great session! 

Last July I also got to meet up with Nate, Lauren and their two baby on the way! We had a great session, while the oldest showed off her swinging skills, the youngest, who had just turned one, showed off her walking ability. Not only are these two sweet girls a joy to photograph, their two pups are always camera ready which make them a favorite of mine! 

Wash / Van Trip [part 4]

On our first morning in Canada, we leisurely made breakfast and packed our lunch before heading out to explore. Upon leaving, we took a quick detour to the top of the hill that our cabin was located on to take in the view. Not too bad. 

Our first stop was at Sooke Potholes Provincial Park. We never quite knew if we were on the right trail. Some trails were super rocky, while others took us back to the road for a bit until we hit the trail again. In the end we finally found the potholes and made it just in time to watch a guy jump in as his friend watched. 

East Sooke Regional Park  was our next stop. This area is huge and we could have spent all day here if time allowed. It didn't, so we picked one trail to explore. We were kind of hoping to spot an otter or two, since they are known to be in this area, however, they must have been hiding from us this particular day.

After our hike, we headed to Victoria to visit Eric's cousin Nik. It had been roughly 25 years since they had last seen each other, so it was due time to get together again. 

Upon arriving, we were greeted by Herbie + Doogan, two playful labradoodles. I was mainly smitten by Herbie [probably because of his name]. The weather was beautiful, so we sat in the backyard catching up / getting to know each other. 

For supper, Nik's husband James made fresh pasta [which was fantastic!]. I watched as he made it look so simple.

I made myself useful by making sure all their pets were entertained. I specifically got along with Francois the cat. He enjoyed the attention / pets, while I got my cat-fix. 

I'm so glad we got to spend an evening among great company. We heard some great traveling stories, plus got some tips of places to check out before we left Vancouver Island.

the h family

It was a super sunny day when I met with the H family last fall. Luckily we were able to find some shade while we walked the trails at Retzer Nature Center. 

Gavin was a sweetheart - just look at his adorable smile in these photos! I think he got bored of me taking pictures after a little while [no hard feelings - I'd probably feel the same way if I wasn't behind the camera!] but that changed when he got to hold his dog Max. I loved to see the interaction between Gavin and Max. 

The session ended with Gavin getting a ride on his dad's shoulders as we walked to our cars. What a lucky kid and what a wonderful family.

newborn william

Towards the end of summer last year, I went to the baby shower for my friends Amanda and JR. Amanda's sister did an amazing job planning the party which was held at the Paper Discovery Center.  There were so many desserts, we probably didn't even need real food [what am I saying, desserts ARE real food!]. But at the same time, the desserts were almost too pretty to eat! 

After the presents were opened and the desserts were mostly gone, I took a picture of Amanda and our friend Rachel who was due very soon. 

I also made Amanda stand in front of the huge world map because I thought it was awesome. She found the South Korea flag and prominently displayed it [her mom is from South Korea]. This is maybe a good time to remind Amanda's parents [if they are reading this] that they promised to buy us all tickets to go to the Olympics in South Korea. Don't forget your promise to us! Thanks! :)

Fast forward to September and little Willliam arrived! He came a little bit early but grew strong and a few weeks later he was home.

We first went to meet him after he had come home. We were greeted by William's dog cousins Macy + Mister [or is it Uncle? or Bronx? this dog has too many names...] who wanted nothing to do with me. 

William's dog sister Jam didn't really care for me either, but at least she posed nicely on the couch. And gave me the stink eye.

ANYWAY, let's talk about that baby!

William slept most of the time we were there, but woke up a few times to say hi. He was so sweet, snuggly and adorable. I can't wait to see him again, especially now that he's bigger than the dogs. [Watch out pups!]

lucy's family

Say "hi" to Lucy. 

Lucy belongs to my friends Angela and Curt who you may remember from their wedding reception which I posted about. 

Last year they bought a house in the country. Right before Halloween I was able to visit and take a few pictures. Their house is on a large, quiet piece of land with huge, beautiful trees. Lucy and the other dogs [sadly not pictured here] have plenty of yard to run around in, along with their human brother Owen.  

Take a peak at some of the moments I captured including my favorite at the end. Living on a farm suits these two wonderfully! 

baby bunnies

Before we get to the bunnies, let's take a look at our favorite cardinal that hung out in our yard last summer. We named him Conrad. Although our yard needs a lot of work, Conrad begged to differ. He loved our yard and would spend most of the day walking around finding goodies to eat. [Yes, I realized I might not have been seeing the same cardinal, but it makes me feel better that we had one cardinal that loved to come back to our yard daily.]

[Please excuse the semi-poor pictures as they were taken through the window which probably wasn't that clean with a zoom lens that isn't great.]

Bunny time! 

At one point last summer we noticed a large hole in our backyard a couple feet from the patio. It seemed kind of odd. Then one day we saw that a rabbit was digging the hole! 

Fast forward to a couple days later when Eric was sitting on the patio one evening. Two rabbits were running around near the hole. It was a bit strange since normally animals don't get too close to our patio if we are out there. 

One night before supper we finally put it all together. One of the rabbits had been pregnant and gave birth to her babies in the little nest she had dug. However, one of her babies she had on our patio and we witnessed the scene below. It was a little traumatic for us since we didn't know what was going on. Was the baby alive? Why wasn't she taking it back to the rest of her little ones? 

Soon after these pictures, it began to downpour. 

The following morning Eric noticed what he thought was a lifeless baby bunny on our patio. He went outside to move it since it was hard to look at. 

However, the baby was not dead. It was still breathing! Not quite certain what to do, he moved it closer to the hole with the other bunnies so hopefully the mom would take it back. 

We don't know for certain if she ever did but when we returned from work there was no sight of the baby. 

Days after, we would catch the mom coming to feed her little ones. She would squat over the hole to feed them. One night they came out after feeding and just sat there. I may have squealed...BECAUSE LOOK HOW CUTE THEY WERE. 

They soon left the nest and went bouncing around our backyard. Bye bunnies! 

the J family

Soon after Tessa was born last summer, I got to meet her along with her wonderful family. While Tessa slept most of the session, her big sister Teya was wide awake and ready to play. I'm pretty sure she would have let her dad push her on the swing almost all day. 

Also wanting to play was the family's golden retriever Bucky who didn't get the memo that I was there to take pictures, not throw his tennis ball. Lucky for Bucky and the other pup Rosie, I always have time to throw a ball or give pets. 

Six months later I returned! It was right before Christmas and the weather was fantastic. Instead of snow, the forecast was threatening rain! However, we dodged the rain and were lucky to be able to go outside in just long sleeves and not freeze!

Tessa had grown so much since I had last seen her. She also gave some adorable smiles. Teya was a champ and held her baby sister for a few pictures, just like she had in our first session. 

Again the pups were there and did so well for pictures. I just love how they snuggled up to one another in the family shot. 

I'm so glad that I got to visit this family twice last year. 

the sticker

My cats are obsessed with stickers. Just like a lot of other pets, they don't need fancy toys. Empty boxes, paper bags and apparently stickers are good enough for them.

I think it started last year when we had gotten a Bike Fed sticker and for whatever reason, Eric placed it [with the backing still on] between the mirror and frame in our spare bedroom. Herbie did not like that the sticker was there so he'd grab it with his mouth or paw at it until it came down. 

This became a game. 

Herbie was obsessed. Not only with the new game, but with the sticker in general. He started to carry it around the house. We'd find it all over, including the basement. There'd be a long stretch of time when we wouldn't see it. I'd ask Eric, "have you seen the sticker lately?" and he hadn't. And then later that day it would just appear. This happened more than once. 

You can imagine how torn up and disgusting this sticker looked. Herbie has since been through a few Bike Fed stickers and when I threw the last one away I wondered what we could use next. 

Well, we needn't worry - I have a BOX full of old stickers. We are set for a very long time. 

Maude now likes playing the mirror game, but she could care less about carrying a lame sticker around. She's above that.