Brothers, A + R


In spring of 2012, I met and photographed Azi for the first time.  This summer I got to meet his adorable little brother Rue.  Both these boys are such a joy to photograph! Although it started to rain a bit as we got ready to go to the park, we still had fun - especially Azi who made a game of running back and forth across the bridge.

family-1 family-2

family-3 family-4 family-6 family-7 family-8 family-9 family-10 family-11 family-12 family-13 family-14 family-15

family-16 family-17 family-18 family-19 family-20 family-21 family-22 family-23 family-24 family-25 family-26

family-27 family-29 family-30