baby bunnies

Before we get to the bunnies, let's take a look at our favorite cardinal that hung out in our yard last summer. We named him Conrad. Although our yard needs a lot of work, Conrad begged to differ. He loved our yard and would spend most of the day walking around finding goodies to eat. [Yes, I realized I might not have been seeing the same cardinal, but it makes me feel better that we had one cardinal that loved to come back to our yard daily.]

[Please excuse the semi-poor pictures as they were taken through the window which probably wasn't that clean with a zoom lens that isn't great.]

Bunny time! 

At one point last summer we noticed a large hole in our backyard a couple feet from the patio. It seemed kind of odd. Then one day we saw that a rabbit was digging the hole! 

Fast forward to a couple days later when Eric was sitting on the patio one evening. Two rabbits were running around near the hole. It was a bit strange since normally animals don't get too close to our patio if we are out there. 

One night before supper we finally put it all together. One of the rabbits had been pregnant and gave birth to her babies in the little nest she had dug. However, one of her babies she had on our patio and we witnessed the scene below. It was a little traumatic for us since we didn't know what was going on. Was the baby alive? Why wasn't she taking it back to the rest of her little ones? 

Soon after these pictures, it began to downpour. 

The following morning Eric noticed what he thought was a lifeless baby bunny on our patio. He went outside to move it since it was hard to look at. 

However, the baby was not dead. It was still breathing! Not quite certain what to do, he moved it closer to the hole with the other bunnies so hopefully the mom would take it back. 

We don't know for certain if she ever did but when we returned from work there was no sight of the baby. 

Days after, we would catch the mom coming to feed her little ones. She would squat over the hole to feed them. One night they came out after feeding and just sat there. I may have squealed...BECAUSE LOOK HOW CUTE THEY WERE. 

They soon left the nest and went bouncing around our backyard. Bye bunnies!