arrested development party


Taste the happy Michael! As of today, Arrested Development is back!  In anticipation for this day, I threw an Arrested Development party a couple weeks ago to get everyone in the AD spirit [or to persuade them to start watching the first 3 seasons].

The invitations were full of AD references.  For those that got the invite and didn't understand a thing - watch the show already!

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For the gift bags, I ordered some awesome pencils from Earmark.  [Actually Eric did as well as a surprise for me not knowing I also was ordering them.  Anyway, a big thanks to Earmark for all their help figuring this out + canceling one of the orders.]

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BANNERS.  There are so many great banners in the first 3 season.  My friend Amber was kind enough to help me make a bunch.  [SPOILER ALERT - in the new season there are more banners.  WITH GLITTER.  Looks like another party will need to happen.]

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Some light reading if anyone got bored.


Stair car cookies!  [or more accurately, UPS cookies turned into stair cars]  Also, a nevernude and a cookie with diamond creme.


Accessories from my Rita costume.  [It was pointed out to me that my costume was made out of things I already owned, except the hat and bracelet.  Not sure how I feel about this realization.]

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Rita + George Michael.

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While taking photos, this happened.

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Unfortunately I made a huge mistake and forgot to serve the hot ham water and ice cream sandwiches at the party.

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P.S. I'm sorry if anyone got glitter all over while opening their gift bags.  Blame Tobias for the idea.