an easter announcement

For Easter this year I was in charge of bringing dessert.  I decided to make carrot cake baked donuts [I used the recipe by Melissa at The Faux Martha].  The first batch turned out quite flat and it took me a while to realize I forgot the baking powder.  They were edible, but I decided to redo them since I wasn't happy with the result.  Below is one from the second batch. 


I also made her baked glazed donuts.  When Eric found out what I was making, he suggested a peanut butter glaze on this chocolate donut instead of just the regular glaze.  To do this, I mixed together peanut butter and powered sugar [I'll be honest, I didn't measure anything out but it was roughly 1 TBSP of peanut butter and 1/4 cup of powered sugar].  Once that was mixed together well, I added milk and more powdered sugar until I had enough glaze and it was the consistency I wanted.  


Once the glaze was complete, I dipped the top of each donut into the sugary goodness.  [I actually used a mini bundt pan, that's why these don't have holes in the middle.]


Like most years, Easter was spent in my hometown at my aunt and uncle's house. 


After lunch, my cousin Katie had a fun announcement for our Grandma [and most everyone else].  

First gift was a picture from her wedding.


Then Grandma opened the second gift and was a bit confused at first.  When she finally read the message that the baby chick in the egg was holding, she threw the egg on the table and took a moment to process what it said. 

Once she was able to speak, she spread the word that my cousin and her husband were expecting a baby and everybody cheered. 


Congrats you two!  And remember, if baby decides to come during our Thanksgiving family get-together and we can't get you to the hospital, Jim will help deliver him or her!  [I say this since our cousin's husband helped deliver a baby recently.  Strong work, Jim!]


After all the baby news excitement, we went into the garage to play Family Feud, errr Friendly Face-Off.  


Apparently I'm afraid facing off against my mom.  Although I am happy to report my team [TEAM A] won overall.  


Even though it was a couple weeks ago, hope all of you had a great Easter.