A Star Wars Breakfast


Eric got Star Wars pancake molds over a year ago.  You may think they are nerdy, but until you see the Star Wars ornaments that get hung on our Christmas tree, you don't know what nerdy is. Anyway.

I really don't mind the molds, the ornaments, or anything else Star Wars.  I basically just like a reason to tease him.

When he first got the molds, I immediately tried to make him pancakes since it looked so simple.  Just pour batter in the molds and you'll have perfect pancakes!  Not quite.

It was a mess, none of them worked out, and I'm quite sure we ended up eating cereal.

I decided this past weekend I was going to make these pancakes work!  And so I did.  But believe me, I will not be making these pancakes for a large group of people, since even though they turned out, it was still a bit of a hassle and huge mess.

Totally worth it for my favorite nerd though.

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