a fancy engagement


Two weeks ago Eric and I were on our third trip to Seattle and Orcas Island.  While there, we got engaged.  Here's our story: The first night we went to visit friends just outside the city.  On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at Kerry Park, which has a great view of the city.  It was nice out, the view was fantastic, but there were tons of loud-mouth teenagers around, so we didn't stay long.

engagement-7 engagement-8

The next morning, September 17th, we were up quite early - thanks to still being on central time.  We decided to walk to get breakfast at 5 Point Cafe.  After breakfast it was still quite early so not many other places / stores were open.  Since we were about a block from Seattle Center, we headed towards that area.

engagement-9 engagement-10 engagement-11 engagement-12 engagement-13 engagement-14 engagement-15 engagement-16 engagement-17 engagement-19 engagement-20 engagement-21 engagement-22 engagement-23 engagement-24 engagement-25 engagement-26 engagement-27

When I was taking pictures of the EMP Museum, I saw Eric sit down, which I thought was a little odd.  And what may be even more odd - I took a picture of his reflection in the building.  And a picture of myself.

engagement-28 engagement-29 engagement-30

As I was taking these pictures he told me to come over to where he was sitting.  I thought he found something neat to show me, but instead just insisted that I sit down.  If you know me, you know I don't like to sit still, so I complained and told him I wanted to keep walking around.

Finally I gave in and sat down next to him.  And it was there we became engaged [and I got a cute turtle ring box].

engagement-31 engagement-32 engagement-33

And what do you do after you become engaged?  We went to get a Top Pot doughnut of course.

engagement-34 engagement-35

And after the doughnut, I admit I painted my nails so I could take some better pictures. [priorities, right?]

engagement-36 engagement-37

Now, going back to the beginning of this post, you will remember I talked about Kerry Park the night before.  That is were Eric was going to ask, but with the rowdy teenagers, he decided it wasn't the best place.

Here you will see a picture of us the following night on Orcas Island.  And, if you look closely...

engagement-40 engagement-39 engagement-41 will notice my ring is different.  Here's why:

The last two times we've been in Seattle, I've stopped at Fancy, a jewelry shop next to our hotel.  I love this little independent shop and Eric knew that, so weeks before we left for vacation he called Sally at Fancy and picked out / purchased the ring.  Knowing it might possibly need to be resized, he asked me early on in the trip so we could drop it off at Fancy to be resized before we headed back to Wisconsin.  [And I should mention, I love my ring.  And I love that Eric picked it out by himself.  It means so much more knowing he did and knowing he knows what I like.]

Sally was fantastic and decided I couldn't leave my finger bare while she resized my ring, so she gave me a loaner which I wore until I got my real one back on Friday.  I kind of got attached to my loaner ring, so you know, maybe a birthday present in the future, Eric?  [kidding.  sort of.]

engagement-44 engagement-43 engagement-45 engagement-46 engagement-47 engagement-42

Thanks for all the well wishes we have already received.  Eric and I are quite excited to take this next step!


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