6 mo kenley

If you recall, I took pictures of Kenley when she was just a baby.  She just turned 8 months old today, but these pictures are from when she was a few days shy of 7 months. She's pretty much the cutest and I'm glad I've been able to see her and her mom a bunch lately.

kenley-1 kenley-2 kenley-4

Here she is trying on the bunny costume her grandma sent in the mail.

Also, you will see Doug likes to photobomb pictures.

kenley-5 kenley-6 kenley-7 kenley-8 kenley-9 kenley-10 kenley-11 kenley-12

The particular day, there were so many birds and a plane flying overhead that it was almost a bit freaky.

kenley-13 kenley-14 kenley-15 kenley-16 kenley-17 kenley-18 kenley-19 kenley-21 kenley-22 kenley-23